Why IP Now?


We are at an intersection of ingenuity and application, the beginning of something special for IP. Most practitioners either do not know how to best implement IP valuation into their services, or lack the ability to execute. TGip solves this problem.


  • Offering a micro IP portfolio for learning and extraction
  • Creating an environment that is conducive to scaling
  • Providing the Intangible One IP cloud soltution product

Get in Touch


65 Compton Street

London, England, EC1V 0BN

+44 020 32 TYNER 4



  • Your point of contact in the IP space
  • Normally responding in 24 hours
  • Expanding to new locales yearly

What Do We Bring


There are many methods to establishing and sustaining an IP portfolio, but none can compare with the TGip approach. This goes without saying, but we help you value your IP, and then extract monetary benefit from your work.


  • Everything from valuation to reporting and screening
  • We are building a platform to enable exponential growth
  • Old ways of doing IP development are outdated, lets innovate

What we do

“IP is going through a Renaissance. Participants from all different sectors are beginning to understand the importance of having a solid, sustainable asset portfolio.”

Ian Tyner

Founding Director